About us

About us

As our founder Erminio Lui says, “We work every day with the same passion as the first day.”
We are convinced that companies play an important role in society and in order to do this effectively, it must guarantee the best working conditions for everyone.
We believe in business ethics, in the enhancement of human resources, technological innovation while protecting the environment, in the medium to long term, and in continuous improvement. We prefer long-lasting personal and professional relationships with collaborators, customers and suppliers.
We believe in the future, we have continued to believe in it since 1946.

E.Lui was one of the first companies to embark on a path to digital technology and recognise its potential.

There were several reasons for the company’s decision: the overall decline in print runs in both the black and white and colour markets, the growing demand for customised and increasingly diversified products, the increase in the translation languages of the printed materials, the reduction in time-to-market and finally, the need for greater flexibility of media.

The company took on these new challenges by deciding to combine its traditional printing offer with digital printing. This has brought the company new opportunities in terms of differentiating its business and generating new value. In fact, digital production has made it possible to execute short runs in a faster and cheaper way, guaranteeing a future for both black and white and colour productions.

It has also enabled decentralised printing, thus reducing delivery times and stock costs.

All this has led to more efficient management of the printing life cycle, i.e. optimisation of the editorial distribution chain.
The business strategy of E.Lui is based on the idea that technology fuels innovation and stimulates growth.

Today’s challenge is to provide “smart” printing services, characterised by dynamic and individualised content.
Only in this way can we truly add value and seize new opportunities for growth and profit.

“Study the past, if you would define the future”


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E.Lui expanded its production in the black & white market with two Océ VarioPrint 6000 Ultra+ printers, one Océ VarioPrint 6180 TITAN printer and two BLM 550 and BLM 200 professional finishing systems. It subsequently diversified its production with innovative colour technologies such as imagePRESS C800 and imagePRESS C8000VP, in addition to increasing its production performance with the implementation of the PRISMA solution.